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Daily Archives: December 31, 2014

A documentary about Young Caregivers who have a parent with Early Onset Alzheimer’s

Text is taken from the Indegogo website raising money for this project.  

MUCH TOO YOUNG, is a feature-length documentary about young caregivers all dealing with a parent who has been diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s disease.  This film will follow each of them as they cope with their life at home, caring for an ailing parent. They are all coming to terms with the fact that they are Much Too Young to face this harsh reality.
Taking care of an elderly parent is something that every child knows they will have to do at some point. But not everyone anticipates becoming a caregiver for a parent before they have a family, career or life of their own.  Most twenty-somethings are in the early stages of their careers, dating and struggling to shape their identity in the real world. Traditionally, this is a period when young people are still tied to home because they rely on their parents for advice and money. Today, more and more young adults are moving back home to help care for a parent. They have to put their own lives on hold in order to help out at home. Alzheimer’s disease is more prevalent now than ever, and is starting to affect people in their fifties.  Many of these families have kids in their twenties, who are taking on significant responsibilities as young caregivers.