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For Professionals

eLearning Courses developed by the Australian initiative Children of Parents with Mental Illness (COPMI)

1. ‘Keeping Families and Children in Mind’ – for mental health, allied health and the general public

2. ‘Family Focus’ – for experienced mental health professionals

3. ‘Child Aware Supervision’ – for supervisors of front-line staff in adult-focussed health and social services

The Family Model – The purpose of this site is to introduce The Family Model and to demonstrate how symptoms in one family member can impact on others and how others in the family can also have an important influence on the course of the affected persons illness and recovery.  The intention is to facilitate a better understanding of the mutual interactions and influences between symptoms, family life circumstances, parents, carers and children.

The Impact of Parental Mental Health on Children – Dr. Alan Cooklin – Gresham College – This lecture will examine the impact of parental mental illness on children. There are 175,000 young carers of parents with mental illness in the UK but maybe as many as 1,000,000 children affected by an adult’s mental illness. They worry about their parents and perhaps be blame themselves, or fear that they will also ‘catch’ it. They often fall through the professional net, are seen as nobody’s responsibility and receive no help. Film illustrations will be given of very small interventions which can help protect children from the negative effects.

A Ulysses Agreement is a voluntary process that is used by a person that has a mental illness or mental health concern.  The plan outlines to others what they should and should not do to support the children and the parent/s. It also allows the parent to plan how their children will be cared for should they relapse and be temporally unable to care for their children.  This program is funded by South Fraser – Child and Youth Mental Health and provided by The British Columbia Schizophrenia Society and implemented by Mark Littlefield of Littlefield and Associates.  Click here for the pdf document.

Lessons Learned in the Development and Implementation of Preventative Interventions for Maternal Depression – A video presentation on May 31, 2012 on the Alberta Family Wellness Initiative website.  “Dr. William Beardslee presents on the increasingly strong evidence base for mental health promotion and prevention for children, youth and families. He emphasizes the importance of a developmental perspective by using different kinds of interventions across the span of childhood. Dr. Beardslee’s presentation discusses the benefits of a system with fully implemented mental health preventions.  He focuses specifically on parental depression and after briefly reviewing what is known about its costs and prevalence, he discusses a variety of preventive interventions that offer considerable promise. In terms of adolescents and adults, cognitive-behavioral approaches have demonstrated that it is actually possible to prevent episodes of major depression including youngsters at high risk because their parents are depressed. He advocates the potential of a prevention model in Canada.”